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Wallace Community Network Operations Manual



This document has been created to act as a guide for next year's staff and provide for them a working example of how the CAP site operates. We have spent most of the summer trying to get hardware dealers to sell us some computers. It has been a real nightmare and it seems once summer comes everyone is one vacation and once they get back, the other important person in the picture is off on his/her vacation. A word to the wise is get the majority of your deals done during the winter/spring months because once summer rolls around everyone goes with it. The site is not yet accessible to the community, but it plans to be by next summer. Comments and suggests are appreciated in hopes that they will make the Wallace CAP site a more productive and friendlier site.

Purpose and Mission

WCN purpose is to provide open public access in hopes of enhancing individual computer related skills and promote the internet as a tool for economic development to businesses. WCN is committed to intertwining education and economics through the integration of computers and technology.

1.0 Site Description & Layout

Wallace is located in Northern Nova Scotia, approximately one-hour drive from the town of Truro and a two-hour drive from Halifax/Dartmouth. The CAP site is located with the library of the Wallace Consolidated Elementary School, which is located directly across from the Senior Citizens Complex. The library shall soon be accessible to the community during all hour of the day, even during school hours. To enter the library, you are to go through the front doors of the building and turn immediately right where you will find another door. Once entering that door, you will find a long corridor going both left and right. There is no need to wonder which door to enter as the site's door is directly in front of you.


Site Maintenance

The site is under the care of the school, which means we will have janitors to clean up after any huge messes. Since we do not want to mistreat this facility, it is asked that who ever be on charge at the time, clean up after any messes that should happen during the open hours.


Site Security

There is only two possible ways into our site. One is through the front door and the other is through the window. There are three doors an intruder must go through before reaching the site. Two of them have a deadbolt lock while the other a huge padlock. The windows are barred to prevent theft.


2.0 Equipment & Hardware

The facility currently has hardware consisting of the following:

The facility also has access to the following hardware:


2.1 Equipment & Hardware Recommendations

The facility requires more computers with a greater RAM efficiency and more memory. Our site needs to buy at least one color printer and perhaps a scanner. It would also be nice to have larger chairs, the little ones just will not do. We are in the process now of buying new computers for the site. We are looking at getting 12 Pentium 166, with a 1-giga byte hard drive, 16MB of RAM complete with full multi media capabilities and Ethernet cards. We also are planning on getting a scanner, Ink Jet color printer, high-speed modem, a 56K dedicated connection hook up and a server 200 CPU 64 MB RAM DDD optional support.

3.0 Software

The facility currently has software consisting of the following:

The facility also has access to the following software:


3.1 Software Recommendations

We need to go out and purchase some software. The software at the present time is simply not up to date. We should buy at least one word-processing program keeping in mind that it must be user friendly for kids at the elementary level and others who are computer literate. Perhaps if we bought a game like duke nuke'm, we could get more kids into the site and earn more dollars for the site through network serial game tournaments. We also need a version of Netscape, most likely the latest version.

4.0 Staffing

As a site that will be operated most of the time under volunteers, there is a need for technical support. If there are any problems with hardware or software, try calling one the following technical support personnel.




Jamie Sears

(902) 243-3670

Fixing computers

Peter Mortenson

(902) 257-2541

Fixing computers
Working with certain programs

Currently the WCN's personnel consists of the following people:




Peter Smith

(902) 661-4560

Summer student worker

David Canfield

(902) 257-2299

Committee member

Hans Jost

(902) 257-2636

Committee member

Peter Mortenson

(902) 257-2541

Technical support

Levi Lloy

(902) 646-3774

Committee member





The Wallace and Area Development Association has operated for over ten years as a completely volunteer organization. All their accomplishments to date have been due to the volunteer support of the community. The Community Access Center, likewise, will benefit from this volunteer support. The Association Community Access Committee consists of prominent business people in the area, who have committed their time and support to the project. Committee members and the local schoolteachers have agreed to be trained, so as to provide a resource of knowledgeable volunteers. With the development of the youth programs in the area, it is the committee's intention to recruit and train youth as volunteers and potential trainers.


4.1 Staff Recommendations

Hopefully some of these tasks with be implemented once we get up and running. When hiring a summer student for the position, try and not only look for the computer capabilities, but also people skills and communication skills. These skills, you will find, are just important is any. We need a stronger committee that we be dedicated to working on this project even during their vacation period. Perhaps we should look for student, teacher, 4-H member, Scouts, Senior's club member or youth club member volunteers. We could give them free access and free training.


5.0 Services/Activities/Scheduling





Normal User



Household living in same residence



15 yr. or older (enrolled in full time studies)



14 yr. and younger



Business User


From becoming a member, you receive:


Hours of Operation

Days of the Week

Opening Time

Closing Time


9:00 a.m.

9:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m.

5:00 p.m.


12:00 p.m.

5:00 p.m.


5.1 Activities Recommendations

Since we were not operational this year, our activities did not exist. Some suggests for activities for the future could be serial death matches with video games, with the winner winning half of the profits. You would just get every kid who wanted to play throw in 2 dollars and the one with the most kills wins. Perhaps you could set up camps for kids of all ages with designated themes. For example, one week could be geared towards kids at the grade 4,5,6 level and the theme could be dinosaurs. You would have the kids go to internet sites with dinosaurs and download a game dealing with dinosaurs or e-mail a letter to a friend about dinosaurs. You can even start up a group of pen pals and trade e-mail addresses of foreign students and make money that way.


6.0 Acceptable Use

In order to keep track on all those who use the CAP site, a table has been implemented. Upon entering the site, users must register before using a computer. To keep track of members, and their hours, a database will also be constructed. A spreadsheet will keep track of money collected on a weekly basis.


Rules and Regulations

Since the CAP site is within both a library and a school, all rules that apply to both of these facilities apply to the CAP site. These include:

Depending on the severity of rule broken, that individual will be, at the minimum, issued a warning, to a maximum, banned from the site.


6.1 Usage Recommendations

Since we are not operational, this section of rules and regulations, along with acceptable use, is pretty much a recommendation of how things could be run.


7.0 Governance

The WCN is under the guidance of the CAP Committee, which is found under the category "Staffing", and is responsible for reporting to this committee on a regular basis. The site is also under the regulations of the school and library and should report to the two occasionally. WiNS also gives the site a summer student to be employed there and that student is required to report to their regional coordinator weekly.


7.1 Governance Recommendations

Not only should the student report to its superiors, but also the CAP committee should make sure that there is always something for that student to do.


8.0 Opportunities and Revenue Generation

We are a CAP site that is trying to become self sustainable. In trying to accomplish this, we have done the following:


Affiliations (Networking)

The site is currently involved with the following outside groups:


8.1 Opportunities and Revenue Generation Recommendations

If our CAP site wants to be more self-sustaining, I suggest doing more promoting through church bulletins, newspapers, radio, a GRAND OPENING, or even a float in the parade. The more users, the more revenue there is being brought into the CAP site. Perhaps when we get going, we should sell disks to the users and get them to pay for printouts. Maybe digital collections are something for the CAP site to get involved in.


9.0 Evaluation and Promotion

It is important to evaluate whatever you accomplish in the hopes of not making the same mistake twice or if something worked well, not to try and reinvent the wheel. Why document and evaluate?


/ Sign-out procedures

The site has no procedures as of yet, but it hopes to have a sign up sheet in place. The sheet includes the computer the user is on, the time he started and the time he finished. This is to keep track of who uses the site, the users hours and it will tell the staff if there are any available computers.



Since we are not operational, we have not gone into full gear to tell the community of the CAP site. Peter Smith has visited over 25 businesses in the Wallace/Malagash areas of the advantages of using the site and promoted the site by word of mouth. The general populations are excited about the CAP site and are waiting to use it. We felt that it was not a good idea to promote at any great length because it just builds of suspense until the point, where the community loses interest.


9.1 Promotional Recommendations

There are many promotion ideas just waiting to be done. Such as:

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